We will be sharing our class learning through photos, written work and samples of the great work happening in Room14. We look forward to sharing our learning and reading your comments.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Google Accounts
Room 14 students  have been introduced to their own personalised google accounts.
By having an account with google they are able to do work at school which can be viewed and worked on at home.
This will enable students to more easily share what they are doing with you while also allowing them to continue to work on something from home.
Steps to access their account
1/ go to www.google.co.nz
2/ Click on sign in in the right hand top corner of the page.
3/ Type their own personalised user name together with @parkvale.school.nz
4/ Enter their password. YAHOO now they can begin
5/ Don't forget to sign out before leaving google.
Only two weeks to go and we'll be enjoying Mountain Valley Camp. A list of clothing and items required will be given out in a few days.

It is time to think about
  • what might challenge you 
  • what determination might be needed to try new things
  • how you might be able to help others try new things
  • use Parkvale PRIDE to get the very best out of the Mountain Valley experience 
You can visit this website for a look http://www.mountainvalley.co.nz/