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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Amazing Race by Kayla Stephens

Read Kayla's story about camp. It paints a really good picture in your mind of the Amazing Race.

Oh no I said, I was nervous because we were doing the amazing race I knew we wouldn’t win. I thought the activities would be hard. Puzzles, the first activity was putting pieces together to make a Maori puzzle. My team shouted finished when we had finished the puzzle, we were second finished  the puzzle so I figured we would probably come second overall. We were nearly finished we only had two activities to go. No I thought in my head its maths I need to get my maths brain ready for maths. Well that was pretty easy I told my team when we were done it was maths we did at my old school. Now we were at the last activity it was swimming in the pond but only two people from our group had to swim in the pond. I was relieved that only two people from our group had to swim because I am not good at swimming. The two people who were swimming had to go out to the man in the boat and get two tennis balls and swim back again. Just then I realised we were coming first I told my team we were coming first Hooray my team all shouted. We were finished. Junathan’s dad Mark was running down the hill to the pond the man in the boat said that Mark had the paperwork for our next activity. We started running to Mark finally we got to him. Oh-no Mark had forgotten the paper work he told us to go and find Mrs Hill. We we couldn’t find Mrs Hill so we asked Mrs Kelly, she said that Mark had the paperwork. Then Mrs Hill saw us she asked us what we were doing, we told her the whole story. She said just to go with her. We had still had one more activity to go it was using the letters we got at each activity and put them together to make two words. It took us about five minutes to figure out the words but when we figured them out they were easy words, and the words were....
Finally we had finished and we had WON!!! YAH!!