We will be sharing our class learning through photos, written work and samples of the great work happening in Room14. We look forward to sharing our learning and reading your comments.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Topic

In room 14 we have been using persuasive writing. I thought being persuasive was like being a lawyer! Our first time doing persuasive writing was ''Should Homework be banned?''! But that was just a try out. Half said it's TERRIBLE and the other half said it was PERFECT! This is what some people said: "Homework shouldn't be banned because you have got it for enjoyment and there are lots of fun activities like maths and new words to learn." Then we had one that said that "It is TERRIBLE because you can be brain washed by school education and have a life without learning!"

WALT Initiate Change

In room 14 this term we are learning to initiate change. We will do this by starting ourselves and making a change in something we do (by putting rubbish in the bin). As soon as we make a change in something we do other people will start doing it too and it will make our environment cleaner and safer.

Remember what the Lorax said:

Unless someone like you 
Cares a whole awful lot
Nothing is going to get better
Its not

Paper Mache

In room 14, in the last couple of weeks, we did paper mache. Some people made bowling pins, a pig, robots and more. After they are all painted we will take another picture and show you all the finished pictures.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How much Rubbish we used in a Day.

In Room 14 we have taken a picture of how much rubbish we used in a day. Later on this term we will take another photo to see if we have less or more rubbish.
We are working on trying to show people there is no need for rubbish and if we use less rubbish it will use less trees and save the environment. We sorted the rubbish into three different piles the first pile was plastic the second pile was paper and the third pile was food scraps.  



 In room 14 we have been thinking about rubbish and how we can reuse it. We want to limit the amount of rubbish that goes into landfills. We thought that rubbish can't be reused but our thoughts have changed.
You can use food scraps as compost, old bottles as insides of papier mache sculptures and reuse paper to make new paper! 

Making things out of Recycling

This term we are learning about making things out of Recycling. We have used bottles, food boxes, glad wrap rolls, toilet rolls and more.
This fabulous robot was made by Renee.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mountain Valley Camp

In Term 1 Room 14 went to a camp called Mountain Valley. We did lots of fun activities and challenges but the  one that gave the most fear was the FEAR FACTOR!