We will be sharing our class learning through photos, written work and samples of the great work happening in Room14. We look forward to sharing our learning and reading your comments.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Room 14 Adventurers

Parkvale Primary School has been invited by Pan Pac to learn about conservation. We will be going on Monday the 6th of August to White Pine Bush. 50 seniors are aloud to go on the adventure and that has been spit up evenly through the senior classes. Everybody who is going is very excited to go. everyone wanted to go but only 8 from each class is aloud to go.

WALT make writing interesting.

We are learning to make our writing interesting.

We start with a simple sentence like The cat sat on the mat. We find the nouns. Before every noun we need an adjective to describe the noun. We also need an adverb to help describe the verb. Now we have more words to make our boring sentence much more interesting for the reader.
Our new sentence:
The evil black cat crept cautiously on to the dull grey mat.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Phoenix's Olympic Report

This term we have been learning about the Olympics.We have made reports about the first Olympics.When we finished is we had to video it on the camera & had to acted like we were on the news.

Here is Phoenix's Report.

Ashleigh's Video

In room 14 we each had to write a report on the first Olympics. Once we had finished writing our report we had to video it on a camera. When we were videoing it we had to act like we were on the news. Here is Ashleigh's news report for today.


Jamie's Olympic News Report

Our topic is this term about the Olympics. Last week we were focusing on the Ancient Olympics we have done news reports on the first ever Olympic Games in 776 BC. If you are interested in this then  WATCH THIS!

Sorry there has been a disaster with loading the video. We hope we can get it back on soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The All Mighty Olympics


Room 14 has now got fun homework on the ancient Olympics. We have to gather information and put it in our own words and present it on a Google docs power point. Every week we will get another lot of questions to answer. This is an online way of homework but we can choose which way we present it.

This term is the Olympic Games


In the holidays Mrs Kelly went on a ship from Australia. She stopped in small Islands. One Island she stopped in was Vanuatu. In Vanuatu Mrs Kelly had friends.
 Vanuatu has one school that is just surviving so as a class we thought that Mrs Kelly could take some stationary and help their school. Mrs Kelly took 3000 grams of things to help their school. 
Here are some pictures of the children opening their new things.  
Us weighing the things to take.

One of the classes opening their things

One of the classes                                                                                                                               

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome to Term 3, with the Olympics, Team 5 production and optimist yachting. Such a busy and exciting time for everyone. We will give our personal best and strive, like our olympians, to achieve our goals with determination and enjoyment. Our first week focus is to consider the Olympic goals, where did the Olympics start and why, and how we may learn from this wonderful sporting event and apply it to our own learning achievements.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Work in Term 3

Hello Children, Parents and Caregivers,
This term will be a very hard working term for Room 14. We will be doing lots of work on olimpics and will be going back a few steps in Maths to memorise our basic addition facts and our multiplication facts. We are memorising because some people are for getting their times tables to twelve if we can do LITTLE equasions we can do BIG equasions.